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 Murphy Productions has been helping the Art, and Music Lovers in the Bay Area connect with quality iconic events, festivals, concerts, and new social happenings since 2001.   We also offer project and ongoing PR services for non-profits, corporations, and individuals.  We offer broad outreach on all platforms: Online, Print, TV, and Radio to target the message to the right audience. 

































MVFAF-Logo-1Pac Sun

Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival since 2009

ICB logo

ICB Artist Association's ICB Winter Open Studios since 2009


Erma Murphy is the Publicist for Marin Open Studios who contributes very directly to our success. She has been with us from the start, and has changed with our needs every step of the way to communicate who we are and what we do to the public in a timely, creative, and exciting way. Thank you Erma!!!! Kay Carlson Executive Director


O’Hanlon Center for the Arts since 2014

Block Party

Mill Valley Block Party – FAMOUS4 since 2007

Team Pro Event

Team Pro Event since 2004

Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade

Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade since 2008

Room Service of Marin

Room Service of Marin since 2014

Anne-Marie de Rivera

"Fantasy and Reality" Oils and Mixed Media Tiburon Library 8/29 - 9/27 Hi Daniel and Erma! I can't thank you enough for your caring and generous help promoting my show at the Tiburon Library. I felt supported and encouraged and, thanks to all who attended, the reception was a magical night for me. — feeling blessed. Anne-Marie de Rivera

Areas We Excel In… 

• Custom creative copy writing.

• Keen sense of stories journalist are looking to write about and ability to pitch successful stories to writers

• Trusted relationship with media outlets’ staff and venue managers

• Ad campaign custom designed to fit  every budget

• Negotiate excellent Media Sponsor trades

• 5000 person email list of active Bay Area art and music lovers

• Extensive online posting list

• Active social media coverage Facebook and Twitter

• Patch Star Contributor

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