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Reflections: The Wonder of Stinson Beach


When I moved to Stinson with my partner Erma Murphy a few years ago I began to take photos exclusively with my I-Phone. The ease, exceptional quality and photo-journalistic opportunity quickly became apparent.  I was struck by the natural beauty and the contemplative nature of Stinson. As I walked the beach, I took special notice of how the reflections of sand, water and sky combined to celebrate the natural beauty and wonder of this magical place. These photos are a small glimpse into this remarkable region. Using the I-Phone provides an opportunity for all to document their lives, to be photo journalists, and to reinterpret their images. 


Juried Shows: O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Bank of Marin “Patterns”, Bank of Marin “Waters Edge


Solo Shows:   Mill Valley Chamber July 2017,   Stinson Beach Library October 201, Mill Valley Library  January/February 2018


Daniel Patrick is an I-Phoneographer, Producer, Promoter, Publicist, Facilitator of Music and Arts, Milley Award Recipient, Musician,  Life Coach, and Inventor  

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