A Reflection of a Musical Journey

Hey guys, I was at the Lindley show and I gotta tell you – you run a GREAT gig!
The “vibe” that the Mgmnt. put out was quite mature and comforting. I’ll be attending A LOT more show in the future
. Michael

I live for your shows. They bring such joy. i always feel comfortable going to these shows whether it be with other music lovers or just alone. I always come home happy with my ears singing. Thanks. Never stop, ok?

Thank you thank you soooo much for bringing such great events to our neighborhood in sweet intimate settings. The community needs it so badly to gather in places other than sleezy bars.
! Gina

Hey Daniel and Erma, This is just a note of gratitude. It is great to be on your stage. It is always a pleasure to see you and work with you. Thanks so much for your tireless efforts, John

Dear Daniel and Erma, You guys are such a class act. You came in with class and now you leave with class. You created such an awesome happening in Larkspur with so much dedication, dignity, devotion and love I bow to you both with heartfelt gratitude. If there is anything I can ever do for you please don't hesitate to ask. I would be honored. With Great Love and Appreciation, Brian

Daniel and Erma, Thank you both so much for your gracious hospitality this last weekend. It was my pleasure to meet you both and to perform in your wonderful venue. May you have much continuing success well into the future. Geoff

Hi Erma and Daniel, We are very grateful to have had to opportunity to have Christopher play there. We are ready and waiting for the next venue so, when you have it, book him. Sabrina and Christopher

Daniel & Erma

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all that you've done there. Thanks for your integrity and dedication to presenting high quality entertainment and a marvelous viewing and listening experience for your audiences. And may I say a personal thank you for your respectful and gracious treatment of the artists. I hope that we can continue our association. All the best to you and Erma. Nicolas

Daniel and Erma I've been thinking alot about you guys and the passing of the wonderful moment you created at the theatre. It's been a sublime scene you've brought into being, for me both as a performer and when I've come to listen. All the hard work, the contagious passion, the generous facilitation, the great music, and what a great vibe... all of it a testament to your engagement with muse and community. Thanks to you both and to the gracious folks who have worked there with you. With big appreciation and high regard, your friend, Walter

Daniel and Erma: It has been a personal satisfaction these past years chronicling the progress of your promotions in the course of my work at the Marinscope papers. The county is better for having you. You folks did some great things for the community. I was very impressed. All best, Tom

Hi Daniel, I want to thank you for the messages, information and the great time I had at the Peter Rowan show a couple of weeks ago. You are the Best Hosts ever. Just wanted to say thanks and. Cheers! Julie

By the way various people I know & have a working relationship with who have also worked with you....have nothing but the highest respect for you & what you have tried to do for the community to include presenting people that no one else would take the risk on) ! Hurray for you as I see so many jaded-burned out people in the biz( especially in the club/venue scene) that the phrase Patron of the arts are few & far between
. Micki

Dear Daniel and Erma: What a great service you have provided to both performers and audiences in Marin County. I sing your praises. Esther

Dear Daniel and Erma
Happy Trails to you!!! I know your new incarnation will be stellar---you are both such beings of light and joy and bring love and happiness and celebration of life to all who cross your path. Thank you thank you and many blessings of joy and prosperity!

Thank you, Erma and Daniel, for tremendous heart and soul in bringing new acoustic and jazz sounds to Larkspur over the last three years. You are truly a live music evangelists! Alexa

We will follow you wherever you go! Jeanne and Bill

Thank you so much. You guys have done good things and will be remembered for having a hand in bringing the musical community closer together. Hugs to you and Erma, Amber

well had such a swell time with the boogie queens in larkspur............anyway...just wanted to say i was thinking of you......much love to you both...........take care..........later...g

Daniel and Erma, You have been wonderful to the Redwood High Band, and we thank you for your support and effort. Becky

You are wonderful people & are great gifts to the world.thank you for all the fun & great memories you've brought to me. love, sally

you did a great job -- you will have a wonderful future no matter what you do -- excellent sense of community and caring -- my hats off to you-- Paul

Absolutely let me know where you will be - I am, and always will be, one of your avid supporters! Good luck with future endeavors, Much love and gratitude, Cindie

What a terrific awesome and loving space you created in Marin. Nothing quite like it before. Again, all my best to you always thanks for everything, love, diane

Know that your tones have greatly pleased the entire celestial spheres. Know that your works of goodness, truth, joy and harmony have been recorded by the Master Engineers and will play on through the corridors of time and space. Know that you are always held in the hands of Love. Eternal Life Insurance.... think about it........Blessings and aloha, Yuji and Gail

I appreciate all the opportunities you gave me and my friends. You two are straight shooters. Kurt

I'll definitely be following you to your new venues and wish you the easiest of transitions ... and thank you for introducing such wonderful music to us through these emails with the song samples. Even if I can't make it to the shows I end up buying CDs and/or catching up with some of the performers elsewhere. You've been doing a wonderful service for them and us! blessings, Briana

Dear Erma and Daniel, We will be in your hearts and light. You are butterflies and angels and will fly! Always! The Magic of Musical life sings. Keep love in your hearts, as will we. Peace, Love, Joy to All, With Great appreciation of your hearts and souls...Sandra and Helen

Dear Daniel, You probably don't remember me, but I met you last year at the theater for one of your songwriter series. It was one of the loveliest nights we've had in Marin. You and your partner were so gracious and wonderful to everyone in attendance. We brought the owner/publisher of the magazine we are producing and he was so impressed with everything you have going on. Haley

Howdy, Y'all, You two are the class acts; and I remain grateful for your kindness and generosity, not to mention the fact that you made the LCT into a damn fine performance space. Several musicians have unbiddenly mentioned to me during your Larkspur tenure that the LCT is their favorite place to play and listen to music in Marin, and that hasn't occured with other venues. I am thinking positive thoughts for y'all, and looking forward to what you will progress to. Cheers, MK

Dear Daniel & Erma~~~~

You created something that is so very rare. Not everyone could do it, and even among those that have the vision, even fewer have the energy or will. You've inspired me many times, Daniel, listening to what you have to say. Doug


I too want to express my gratitude for the space you've created for music, laughter, dance - I'm someone who doesn't handle change well, gets angry when something good is "taken away". Recently one of my best friends died. Now I am dealing with change, all the stages of grief you mentioned in your email. What I've learned is on the same wave as what you so beautifully wrote. And I am now open to new possibilities, and "the mystery". As you said, community, friends are the most important support. "Love is all there is."

Keep me on your email. I can't wait to find out what you are up to next! love and light, Kate

Well, dear ones, sounds as though you are keeping your heads up well, while still being honest about how much it hurts. Change does happen, sometimes (and, actually, often) unexpectedly and not always as we would have wished. (This, as my mother would say, is truly "a masterpiece of understatement").

Best wishes for lots of love and good music, and looking forward to hearing of your next incarnation. Ariela

Thank you for launching so many of us on the performance road, providing us with your guidance and support and most importantly for caring about performers and the community. Blessing, wishes for great success in whatever you do and lots of love to you & Erma - Akasha

Dear Erma & Daniel,
The love and support for you two and what you are doing for all of us was evident in the number of people who showed up on Saturday. Every now and then something takes place in this special corner of the world that reminds us all of why we came here. The LCT was just that. All of us are looking forward to the next musical gift from Murphy Productions. Thanks for First Friday, Thanks for the Guru Daddies, Thanks for Steppin' Stone, Thanks for the LCT, and Thanks for being the kind of people the world needs more of.

Love, Corry & Denis